Employment Policy

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) aspires to maintain and enhance its organizational framework that pivots on the competencies and integration of its human resources, to enable it to achieve its long-term vision and medium-term strategic objectives.

The AMF’s employment policy aims at formulating coherent periodic planning processes to ensure the sound selection and appointment of candidates in accordance with well defined positions. 

The AMF offers employment contracts with an initial period of two years, renewable for similar period(s) depending on staffing requirement and performance level.
Experts and consultants are appointed occasionally for short periods in order to meet specific required expertise needed for activities at AMF’s headquarters, Member Countries, or AMF’s missions to the Member Countries.

Vacancies at the AMF 
Job vacancies are advertised on selected media and digital platforms according to AMF’s recruitment plan. Those candidates who believe that their qualifications and experience are relevant and wish to be considered are encouraged to apply for vacancies matching their academic qualifications and work experience on the AMF website.

Arabic is the official language, whereas English language proficiency is considered a prerequisite for qualifying to fulfil most vacancies. French is a plus.
As a general recruitment policy, the AMF seeks to attract competent Arab cadres and develop and maintain them.

Candidates are expected to be graduates from reputable Universities with distinguished track record of achievement in their fields
Career progression is dependent on the performance, achievements and upholding of AMF culture.

Allowances and Benefits 
In addition to tax-exempt salaries, the AMF offers allowances and benefits that cover accommodation, furniture, tickets upon joining, as well as for annual leaves, and upon end of services, in addition to end of service gratuity.

The AMF contributes to the education fees of employees’ children subject to published policies and procedures, AMF also provides medical insurance for employees and their family members, as well as life and accident insurance for the employees themselves.

Experts and consultants with whom the AMF contracts for a short period and a specific mission, subject to defined regulations, are compensated by daily fees plus a per diem to cover accommodation expenses and provided with travel tickets and accident insurance. 




Job Vacancies