Developing debt market in Arab countries

The initiative to develop debt markets in Arab countries is a joint project between the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which aims to promote and enhance the functioning of both, government and private, debt markets in the Arab countries. It also aims to improve efficiency of the government and corporate debt markets in the member countries of the Arab Monetary Fund. This initiative is expected to allow the identification of a set of supply-side policies that will help develop and enhance the liquidity of debt markets, reduce the cost of financing for the government and private issuers while reducing risks.
Based on the experience of each country, the initiative aims to define a framework that will facilitate the development of domestic debt markets in the Arab countries.

Technical assistance provided to Arab countries within the (ADMDI)initiative:
Kingdom of Bahrain
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
The Kingdom of Morocco
Sultanate of Oman
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
The Arab Republic of Egypt 
Republic of Tunisia