Nomination Rules

The Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Monetary Fund, sends an invitation to nominate each session to the governors of the Fund and their deputies in the member states, including the definition of the topic of the session, the period of its holding, the deadline for receiving applications for nomination to participate in it, the technical conditions and the academic qualifications required for the candidates, according to the topic and nature of the course.

The conditions required to be met by the candidate usually include the following specifications:

  • That the candidate has a university degree, and it is preferable that the degree is in economic and financial sciences, or in specialized fields related to the course subject.
  • The candidate's current or expected experience and assignments are closely related to the course subject.
  • The candidate should not be over 50 years of age, according to the course topic.
  • The candidate must be familiar with the English language, despite the availability of interpretation in some courses, given that some training materials and references are not available in Arabic.

Participant selection rules

After the deadline for receiving the nominations specified in the invitation letter, a technical committee from the institute, in coordination with the partner institutions, makes a comparison between the candidates' academic and practical qualifications, their job responsibilities and their relevance to the course topic, and selects a list of the most suitable qualified to benefit from the course. The selection process considers the conditions for each course, and the opportunity to be provided to all member states unless this is inconsistent with the academic level and qualifications needed for enrolment.

Travel and accommodation arrangements for trainees

The Fund's Support Services Department undertakes the following:

  • Providing accommodation for the trainees in a suitable hotel, in addition to their transfers between the hotel and the institute, during the course period.
  • Carrying out travel reservations for trainees and arranging for their economy class tickets to be issued between the capitals of their countries and Abu Dhabi.
  • Providing a cash allowance for the trainee for every night spent in Abu Dhabi to attend the course, sufficient to cover food and petty cash expenses, in accordance with the established rules thereof.
  • Providing the trainees with accident insurance, and medical treatment in case of emergency disease only, and does not include expenses arising from previous medical or sick cases.
  • Issuing entry visas for accepted candidates to the country of residence.


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