Library and Publications

The Library was established with the establishment of the AMF in 1976. It is a special library in Economics and Finance and was found to support the objectives of the Fund and the ATFP. The aim here is to develop the Library as a unique regional specialized source of knowledge offering to researchers, TCBI trainees and the Fund/ATFP staff, a wealthy learning source to enable them to continually keep up with recent developments and innovations in those areas. In addition to the development of economic awareness, strengthening the role of the AMF as a center for learning, capacity building, knowledge enhancement and research activities.


Library Collections

The library collections consist of books, references, serials and electronic resources in both Arabic and English languages. In addition to AMF publications .


Library Services

Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and the Anglo-American cataloguing rules (AACR2) are used in the library to arrange collections. Most of the printed materials are kept  in open shelves and arranged by call numbers. Journals are arranged alphabetically by title. The library services include:

  • Enquiries and Information
  • Borrowing and returning
  • Inter-Library Loans / Inter-Library Document Delivery (ILL/ILDD – obtaining books and articles from other libraries) and photocopy service
  • Reference and bibliographic services
  • Guidance and library orientation to new users and TCBI trainees
  • Acquisitions and current awareness
  • Databases and electronic resources
  • Display and Distribution of AMF publications which are listed/published in  publications catalog
  • Library statistics and questionnaires
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) on symphony system

For more information, please contact the library or call +9712-6171462