Integration Engineer

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As the implementation phase of Buna, formerly known as the Arab Regional Payment System (ARPS), project picks up momentum, we are looking for a responsible Integration Engineer to join our founding team. Duties of the Integration Engineer include leading the efforts to establish, define, design, deliver and maintain Buna’s integration architecture. The job holder is also responsible for coordinating the various business and technical teams to ensure proper integration and data normalization, both internally within Buna and externally with partners. This position will report to Chief Technology Officer.

In this context, the following sections detail the main qualifications, skills and responsibilities related to this position:


Integration Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining an application integration architecture blueprint for the organization, overseeing testing of the interoperability of application modules including:

  • Those under development by in-house software development teams.
  • Commercial off-the-shelf software deployed in the organization.
  • External third parties as necessary.
  • Support the on-boarding of new participants and partner banks from a technical perspective- API, Web Services
  • Lead product improvements by understanding client needs.
  • Lead the integration tests / use cases with participant to provide smooth on-boarding
  • Drive product adoption by keeping clients engaged and trained on the solution.
  • Create or adjust technical specs documents for the integration and develop data mapping for participant/partner bank’s backoffice system
  • Provide L2 level support for participant connectivity problems and technical service desk
  • Support integration of core payment application with value-added services such as transaction monitoring, fraud control

    Requirements :

  • Minimum 3 years of experience with system integration projects
  • Excellent knowledge of SWIFT message standards – ISO2002
  • Experience with SWIFT payment systems- SWIFT Connectivity, SWIFTAlliance Integration with core banking system, data mapping tools
  • Back-end integration (MQ/SOAP/REST/API/Web Service & other protocols, techniques)
  • Excellence in handling technical discussions and coordinate tasks with customers
  • Strong communication skills in English
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