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Arab Monetary Fund
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Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) is a regional Arab financial institution founded in 1976 and aims at strengthening economic, financial, and monetary stability in its member countries (22 countries). It also aims at laying the monetary foundations for Arab economic integration and promoting economic development in Arab countries.

To achieve the previous objectives, the AMF provides, enter ilia, short-term and medium-term credit facilities to member states to assist in supporting external sector stability and financing their overall balance of payments deficits. It also works with member states in developing the financial sector in the Arab region. The AMF also contributes toward building capacity through training programs, technical assistance, and several technical working groups covering monetary, fiscal, financial, and statistical issues, among other topics. 


The Economic Department is composed of three divisions:


  1. Lending Division: In charge of developing and monitoring the performance of economic reform programs that are essential to the AMF lending activities.
  2. Financial Sector Development Division: In charge of developing different aspects of the financial systems in member states, including through technical assistance. 
  3. Research and Statistics Division: In charge of conducting policy-oriented research that addresses policy challenges and priorities of member countries. It also manages the AMF economic and financial statistical data and helps member countries in building capacity in statistical areas.


The department also serves as the Technical Secretary for the Council of Arab Central Banks Governors and the Councils of Arab Ministers of Finance.




The successful candidate will oversee the work of the three divisions and report to the Counsellor/ Chief Economist. His/Her main responsibilities will include:


  • Overseeing and driving forward the department's analytical work program with a focus on high-quality economic analysis of macroeconomic trends and emerging economic risks in the Arab region. Overseeing and coordinating analysis to assess the impacts of specific risks on the region's economies and proposing appropriate policy responses.
  • Supervise the work of high-quality policy-oriented research that is relevant to policymakers in the region.
  • Review the design and implementation of economic reform programs and lending activities to ensure that they serve as a vehicle to enhance macroeconomic stability.
  • Coordinating engagement and collaboration between the department and other AMF departments, including investment and capacity institute departments, to enhance the AMF’s strategic and business activities to ensure the achievement of its mandate.
  • Overseeing the development of the statistical database and the delivery of technical assistance. 
  • Overseeing and supporting Economic Department staff career development.
  • Collaborating with key external partners of international and regional financial and economic institutions to advance the AMF work agenda.



  • Hold Arab nationality.
  • Education: Hold a Ph.D. in Economics or Finance from a reputable university. 
  • Experience: At least 15 years of senior-level experience in public/government institutions (e.g., central bank or ministry of finance) or international organizations. Proven experience in addressing high-level national authorities and conveying highly technical issues, with a clear understanding of political economy issues. Proven ability to conduct policy-relevant research and provide advice on macroeconomic management, with a particular focus on policy at the national level. Strong econometrics and quantitative analysis skills.
  • Publications: Recent impactful publications on economic issues relevant to the Arab region and other emerging and developing regions as evidenced by published work related to macroeconomic stability, growth, and development.
  • Languages: Proficiency in Arabic and English. Knowledge of French would be desirable. Excellent oral and written communication skills, including presenting complex analyses to non-specialist audiences. 
  • Other: Ability to work flexibly on a range of assignments and adjust to a variety of complex evolving tasks to meet deadlines. Willingness to travel and outstanding interpersonal skills. Supervisory capacity.

The AMF offers competitive terms of service in accordance with the applicable employment policy, which includes tax free salary, housing allowance, furniture allowance, air ticket allowance, education allowance, and defined life and medical insurance.

 Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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