Credit Analyst

Arab Monetary Fund
Opening Date

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) is an Arab regional organization based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its main objective is laying monetary foundations of Arab economic integration and accelerating the process of economic development in all Arab Countries. AMF is seeking to recruit a “Credit Analyst” in the Investment Department.

Job Purpose:

Generate periodic credit analysis reports covering both the internally managed and the externally managed fixed income portfolios and inter-bank placements. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Design models to measure the expected loss from credit exposures across various portfolios.
  2. Measure and forecast default risk on credit exposures across various portfolios.
  3. Develop, enhance and maintain quantitative credit analysis modules and apply them in order to identify attractive investment opportunities.
  4. Assess and review risks from covenants and collateral included in bond issuance documentation.
  5. Design and implement an internal credit rating system.
  6. Build a RAROC model for assessing the performance of the credit portfolio.
  7. Use credit default models to evaluate credit risk.
  8. Build a credit portfolio risk management model to assess credit risk across both the internally managed and externally managed credit portfolios.
  9. Assist in managing investments risks through performing regular reviews of the ratings and limits of the fixed income portfolios for internally and externally managed funds to ensure they are within the investment policies and guidelines, maintain high quality investments in terms of credit rating, credit ranking, and geographical distribution, and report any exceptions.
  10. Utilize primary and secondary analysis, research and due-diligence reports of investment firms, banks, and other external financial institutions in order to identify opportunities.
  11. Undertake thematic and sector research in the global fixed income markets.
  12. Acquire knowledge of fixed income markets, macro and credit research, and portfolio and risk management capabilities.
  13. Conduct research on global fixed income and credit markets and prepare related reports.
  14. Stay up to date with financial markets developments, including exchange rates, interest rates, short-and long-term deposits, bonds and securities, in order to consider the implications of these market movements on the Fund’s investment activities.
  15. Perform regular evaluation and monitoring of the credit rating of banks and financial institutions that the Fund deals with currently or may deal with in the future and recommend the appropriate dealing limits with each one of them based on the approved investment policy and guidelines.
  16. Prepare various investment research papers, studies and due diligence covering areas related to credit in the internal portfolios, the external portfolios and financial markets in order to facilitate the decision-making process within the Department on matters related to the selection of bonds and bond managers.
  17. Support portfolio management administration, performance attribution and risk analytics.

Qualifications and Practical Experience:

  1. Candidate should be of Arab origin.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or Investment Management from a reputable university
  3. Professional qualification of CFA, PRM or FRM is required.
  4. 5-7 years of experience in a bank or investment and research company with at least 2 years of experience at a similar level.


  1. Able to follow and comply with work policies, procedures, and processes
  2. Ability to work under pressure and plan for own work schedule
  3. Understanding of AMF’s mandate
  4. Professional use of spread sheets and Bloomberg, Reuters and data services
  5. Proficient Reports writing skills
  6. Proficient investment research and studies skills
  7. Proficient securities analysis and modeling skills
  8. Proficient understanding of financial markets
  9. Basic portfolio management skills
  10. Credit and risk analysis skills
  11. Excellent communication skills and ability to work with team.
  12. Arabic and English language skills


The fund offers competitive terms of service in accordance with the applicable employment policy, which includes tax free salary, housing, furniture, air tickets, education allowance and life & medical insurance.

Only short-listed candidates

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