Economic Studies

Effects of Cross-Border Remittances on Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Selected Arab Countries
Effects of Concentration on Stability of the Banking Sector: Evidence from Selected Arab Countries
Capital Flows in Selected Arab Economies: Evidence from the Relationship between Investment and Savings
Do Financial Inclusion Indicators Affect Banks’ Profitability? Evidence from Selected Arab Countries
Developing an Index for the Optimal Monetary Conditions in Arab Countries
Responses of GCC Stock Markets to Oil Price Shocks: Evidence from Markov Switching Vector Error Correction Models
Assessing Job Losses Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Minimum Required Economic Growth for Job Creation in Arab Labour Markets
Responses of Economic Growth to Financial Development Changes: Evidence from Arab Countries
Growth-Savings Nexus in the Arab Region Empirical Evidence from Panel Data
Does Economic Cooperation Lead to Great Stock Market Integration in the GCC Region?
The effects of human capital on economic growth in the Arab countries compared to Asian and OECD countries
Financial Inclusion in the technology-led globalization age
Joint Publications with International Organizations
Impact of Economic Instability and Governance Quality on the Sovereign Risk Case of the Arab Region
Universal Basic Income
Government Expenditure Multipliers Under Oil Price Swings
The Arithmetic Rules of Islamic Finance
The Role of Digital Identity in Enhancing the Financial Inclusion
Using Blockchain in Financial Services
Study on the use of Big Data in the Arabic countries