Research and Studies

The Arab Monetary Fund is active in the areas of competence conducting research and studies and published them in several lists:

The first list:  Economic Studies, include a discussion and analysis of issues related to macro-economic indicators in the Arab countries.  In addition, to analyzing the currant international developments on the economic and financial policies, international market developments to assess the impacts of these developments on the Arab countries.                                       

The second list:  Work Papers,  intended to enrich the research by analyzing some of the current  issues, both at the level of the international economy or the economy of the Arab countries  in order to  set-up and contribute to the economic policies and development programs in Arab countries.

Moreover. The Arab Monetary Fund, in the context of its role as the technical secretariat of the Council of Governors of the central banks and financial institutions of Arab countries, is issuing a series of papers and studies that are discussed in the framework of the Council meetings and committees and task forces.  The objective of publishing these papers is to increase awareness of the subjects and issues related to the current economic and financial problems amid promote the exchange of experiences and expertise between Arab central banks.