The API Initiative is undertaking a number of activities. These include: (i) the preparation of public reports containing a systematic in-depth description of each country's payments, clearance and settlement systems; (ii) the delivery of recommendations reports to country authorities on a confidential basis; (iii) the organization of IAC meetings to review country studies and provide input for future work; (iv) the organization of workshops focusing on issues of particular interest; (v) and the promotion of working groups to ensure a continuation of the project activity.

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), as Technical Secretariat, is playing a major role in making the process sustainable and capable of extension to all the countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region. To this end, practitioners in payments and securities clearance and settlement in some countries in the Region have participated in the studies under the Initiative, through AMF coordination, and this has contributed to the broadening of knowledge and the transfer of know-how within the Region. The endeavors of the working groups in coordination with the AMF will maintain the infrastructure created under the Initiative and provide a permanent forum for the countries in the Region to discuss, coordinate, and add a collective impetus to the work in the area of payments and securities clearance and settlement systems.

Since initiative inception to date, API has had strong achievements, including the following:

The list of main achievements is coming soon