ASTI undertakes a number of activities, including Assessments of secured lending frameworks in select MENA jurisdictions to evaluate the current state of the secured lending institutional and legal frameworks, identify existing gaps and provide specific recommendations to the governments on how to improve these frameworks and raise awareness of stakeholders about the importance of such reforms. Specific outputs of the this activity will include (i) the detailed assessment report presented to the government and (ii) workshop on secured lending and initial findings for the private and public sector stakeholders.

In addition to the assessments and in parallel to those, the initiative will focus on collecting the baseline data from all MENA countries on secured transactions.

With regard to the goal of sharing knowledge, ASTI will development (i) a regional application software for collateral registries that can be adapted to a limited number of unique requirements of each jurisdiction and (ii) a common approaches to the collateral registry IT system development, possibly to include use of a “software as a service” (SaaS) approach or, alternatively, development of shared facilities for running application software of countries in the region.

Since project inception to date, ASTI has had strong achievements, including the following:

The list of main achievements is coming soon