The Arab Housing Finance Initiative (AHFI) aims to to create a regional forum for sharing housing finance best practice and knowledge and to act as a focal point in delivering technical assistance to the housing finance markets of AMF member countries. As these countries face quite distinct stages of development of their economy, overall financial sector and respective housing finance systems, they tend to express different needs for technical assistance in the area of housing finance

The initiative seeks to fulfill two functions; firstly to provide a focal point for the provision of housing finance related technical assistance in the region; and secondly to be the central source of knowledge and best practice on housing finance for the Arab World.

The long term objective is to extend access to housing finance and improve the affordability of housing in the AMF member countries. This will be achieved by raising the standards of risk management, improving under-writing, expanding access to long-term funding, introducing legal and regulatory best practices, developing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of a pre-dominantly Islamic population.