Strategic Planning Officer

27-05-2018 - 26-03-2019

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), is a regional Arab financial organization based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It aims at laying the foundations for Arab economic integration, accelerating the process of economic development and providing loans and technical assistance to the Member Countries.
The AMF is currently seeking candidates for the position of "Strategic Planning Officer" who have high qualifications, leadership personality and distinguished experience in strategic planning and performance Management, to contribute in strategic planning tasks in coordination with the internal and external constituents and identifying the needs of the Fund.
  • Leading the Fund's thinking for the long term strategic planning and communicating with the departments and other supporting organizational units.
  • Following up on developments in the economies of the Arab countries, getting familiar with such strategies and economic visions announced by Arab countries, as well as results of surveys on their aspirations.
  • Identifying the trends of the global economy and derive indicators in the medium and the long terms.
  • Be acquainted with the developmental and financial plans of regional and international institutions and enhancing the cooperation and strategic partnerships with them.
  • Coordinating and thinking with the organizational units to formulate strategic plans and report on their performance.
  • Developing and applying appropriate methodologies to assess the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities in the context of the continuous updating of strategic plans.
  • Applying appropriate methodologies to formulate strategic objectives, activities and performance measurement indicators.
  • Preparing qualitative presentations for the Board of Directors on the strategic plans and their performance.
  • lead the preparation of the annual departmental plans and their compatibility with the strategic direction of the Fund.
  • Encouraging initiatives and creative activities and working with the organizational units to develop and improve business processes that the fund must excel at.
  • Assisting the departments and participating in the Fund events and committees charged with strengthening of organizational framework and capacity building.
  • Reporting on strategic planning efforts and performance.
Qualifications Required:
  • Arab national, less than 50 years old.
  • A doctorate or master's degree, in economics or finance fields which are the areas of specialization of the Fund, or in governance and strategic planning.
  • Adequate experience in strategic planning in well-known financial, regional or international institution.
  • A balanced personality characterized by strategic thinking, interaction and stimulating.
  • Distinguished communication and linguistic skills in Arabic and English languages, and preferably with knowledge of French as well.
  • Passionate for applying methodologies for developing the performance indicators and measures, such as balanced scorecards methodology.
  • Has exceptional capabilities in the preparation and presentation of executive reports at the level of the Board of Directors.
  • Has appropriate skills to utilize the information technologies and develop data gathering methods for strategic planning.
  • Be Acquainted with recent technical developments related to financial and economic work.
The Fund provides a competitive package of benefits with the Fund's employment policy, which includes salary, housing allowance, furniture, travel tickets, contribution to children's education expenses and medical and life insurance.
Only shortlisted candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted.

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